In order to help you plan your next trip to the South Coast , we wanted to tell you about some

special times/events in Pescadero.


In early times, the Queen of Portugal sold her jewels to get money to feed her people.  When times got better, the people bought her jewels back!  The annual Chamarita festival reenacts this story with a parade and feast.  Held on May 28 & 29 this year, Chamarita is a great way to celebrate the coming of warmer weather.

Pescadero Art and Fun Fair

In August, all of Pescadero turns out for the Fair!  The weekend of activities includes an art auction, fashion show, and a variety of musical acts.  The fair includes fortune tellers, all types of artists selling their work, and every kind of food imaginable.  All proceeds go to charity, so do something good and have fun at the same time.

Pumpkin Festival

During October, the coastside explodes with all the pumpkin patches.  In addition, Half Moon Bay has its annual Pumpkin Festival, complete with parades, a fun run, costume contest and a carnival.  Make a weekend of it and stay in Pescadero, away from the crowds.

Christmas Fair

The first weekend of December is the Christmas Fair.  Artists and crafts people from around Pescadero bring their work to sell at the Fair.  The town lights its Christmas tree and there is caroling.  It’s an old fashioned welcome to the Christmas season (and you can do your shopping, too!

These are just some of the many reasons to spend a weekend in Pescadero. 

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